Welcome to Mama Lor's Cafe!

Built in the mid 1800's the building at 1891 Ridge Road in Webster, NY has seen businesses come and go. The historic walls within this long-standing building tell tales of intrigue as decades of residents will concur.

In 1865, originating as a Post Office, this magnetic site slowly transformed into a general store in 1932. It again changed to a tropical fish store, a TV repair shop and once again into a general store. It was also the original home to the Union Hill Fire Dept. from 1942-1945. As we fast forward to 1995, the building was renovated and the Grill at Union Hill was born.

The current resulting location, which is now known as Mama Lor's Cafe, holds the honor of serving the surrounding community with a unique breakfast, lunch, dinner, pizza, beer and wine menu. Mama Lor's has grown since our grand opening years ago (February 2012). Housing three distinct rooms, the restaurant can accommodate special occasion celebrations as well as business meetings. Our staff is warm and friendly and the cooks are passionate about the food.

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Hope to see everyone!